IOL 2016 Registration

In order to participate in the 14th International Linguistics Olympiad, every country needs to register and pay the complete registration fee online before certain deadlines. This page will guide you through the registration process.

Registration Fee

Country/Territory Type Regular or Early-bird First Team in INR (EUR*) Second Team In INR (EUR*)
Accredited but NOT Past Host Regular Fee (base fee) 55,000.00 (750) 125,000.00 (1700)
Early-bird (10% discount over the base fee) 49,500.00 (675) 112,500.00 (1530)
Accredited and Past Host Regular Fee (10% discount over base fee) 49,500.00 (675) 112,500.00 (1530)
Early Bird (20% discount over base fee) 44,000.00 (600) 100,000.00 (1365)
Non-accredited Regular fee (same as the base fee of the 2nd team) 125,000.00 (1700) 125,000.00 (1700)
Early-bird discount (10% discount over the regular fee) 112,500.00 (1530) 112,500.00 (1530)
Observers (irrespective of country type; up to Two per country) Regular Fee 25,000.00 (340)
Early-bird discount (10% discount over the regular fee) 22,500.00 (306)

* The EUR values are only for reference. They are liable to change based on Forex rates. The actual fee is in INR and we will provide the receipts in INR as well.


Early-bird Registration Opens: 1st Feb 2016
Early-bird registration closes: 31st Mar 2016
Regular registration closes: 17th Jun 2016
These dates are only applicable for registration fee payment. Participant details can be submitted later (as long as there is time for visa processing). Post-IOL excursion payment will be handled separately.

Registration Process

Online registration is mandatory for every country intending to participate in IOL 2016. We will use a conference management system for managing the registration process. This will help us avoid flurry of email exchanges. Here are the steps that you have to follow:

1. Go to:

2. If you already have a login for the CMT system, you can login using your existing credentials, else, register as a new user. Each country should create ONLY ONE login through which the registration process of the country will be handled. Ideally, only one person is expected to handle the process on behalf of the country. However, if you want, you can share the login and password for your country with a few other people and coordinate it between yourselves.

3. After logging in for the first time, click on “new submission” and you will see the registration form.

4. Write the name of the country/territory in the TITLE field, and proceed to answer all the other questions. For certain things, you may not know the answer right away. That is fine. You can login any time you want, and revise the information in the form by clicking on current submissions and then the “edit submission” button. [Do not create a new submission for revision].

5. Download the participant detail form here. The file has two sheets. Fill in both the sheets. Again it is OK if you do not have all the information right now. Fill in what you know. Ideally, you should be able to complete the first sheet: “General Info” before you want to register. As soon as you fill in the details, the total registration fee due will be immediately displayed.

6. You will find a “file upload” button in the submission page. Upload the fully or partially filled participant detail form, and click the submit button.

7. Once you submit, we will be able to see your submission, validate the details and send you a proforma invoice with the bank details.

8. You make the payment (ONLY through international bank transfer) at your convenience and login to the CMT site again and appropriately update the payment status.

9. Once we receive the money at our end, we will confirm you the amount, send the invoice and inform you about any remaining balance that you need to pay.

10. When you know the participant names, post IOL-excursion, food and accommodation preferences etc., complete the second sheet of the excel form, and upload the newly filled file again through the same portal (using the edit submission option). Do not forget to revise the status appropriately, every time you make some update.

In case of any trouble or confusion, just shoot an email to

Registration Benefits

For all teams and observers who have completed the registration process by paying the appropriate fees, the organizers are liable to provide:

  • Accommodation in twin sharing basis from 24th July 2016 (Sunday) till 29th July 2016 (Friday). If you are arriving earlier or leaving later, we cannot guarantee accommodation, but do get in touch with us, and we will try our best to help you find something.

  • Food: From Dinner on 24th July till Breakfast on 30th July, all meals will be provided.

  • Transport from Bangalore international airport to the venue in Mysore will be arranged for everybody arriving on 23rd (from late night) 24th (all day) and 25th July (till morning). Similarly, transport from Mysore to Bangalore airport will be arranged for those leaving on 29th evening and 30th (all day).

  • Excursion: Keeping with the IOL tradition, we will have a free excursion for all registered participants on 27th July (Wednesday).Click here for details.

The following things are NOT covered under the registration fee:

  • Post-IOL excursions: There are a few post-IOL excursion options starting on 30th July from Mysore, which we highly recommend. If you want to opt for one of those, you have to pay directly to the Travel Agent organizing these excursions. We will put you in touch with the agent for payment process. The prices are pre-negotiated.

  • Pen and other equipment that you might need for the contest, any personal tour of Mysore or surrounding areas, and anything else not mentioned above.

Transfer Fee, Taxes and Refund Policy

Please note that once paid, we will NOT be able to refund your money if you later decide not to participate (or send only one team but had paid for two). The same holds true for observers, but it is absolutely OK to have another person come as an observer (even from another country) as long as both the parties agree and the organizers are informed in advance.

The only mode of payment is through bank transfer. You have to also bear the transaction or transfer fee (if any) and taxes (if your country has one, nothing from our side). You can pay in any currency you want, however, at our end we will check the INR value received. Please check with your bank how much you should pay in your currency and add the required transaction/transfer fee and taxes so that we receive the required registration fee in INR at our end.

Information required (with deadlines)

We will need several information from the teams and for each participant. Here is a timeline that we would like to stick to:

Information Deadline Remark
Number of Teams 31st May 2016 For early-bird discount, this should be known by 31st March 2016
Participants’ (incl. team leaders, contestants and observers) personal details 31st May 2016 We would recommend you fill up these details as soon as you can so that we can issue invitation letters for visa processing. Visa processing might take as long as 2 months for some countries. Note that Passport Details are mandatory. If any of your team members do not have a passport, they should apply ASAP. International travel documents would not work.
Working Language 17th Jun 2016 If a contestant or team wants to opt for a language that was not supported last year, then this should be made known by 31st March 2016
Accommodation preference 17th Jun 2016 We have only double rooms. A few rooms can be offered as single rooms on first-come-first-served basis.
Food preference 17th Jun 2016 We will be able to support Vegan and Halal options. For any other specific requirements, please get in touch with us earlier.
Travel Details & IOL Excursion 15th July 2016
Post-IOL Excursion options 31st Mar 2016 Check our website for details


Unless you are an Indian citizen or person of Indian origin, you will need a visa to enter India. There is an e-visa facility, which is quick and you could apply online at

But this is only available for tourists. You will have to apply for a conference visa. We will post more details on this on our website. In the meanwhile, please note that since visa processing can take several weeks, it is better to apply two months in advance (i.e., by 1st June 2016). For citizens of certain countries (notably China, Pakistan and Turkey), it might take even longer. So we advise you to fill in the names of the participants and their passport details as soon as you know, and preferably by 31st May.

For FAQ related to registration, Click Here