1. Registration

1.1. Who can participate?
Every country or territories recognized by the IOL Board and accredited as on 1st January 2016 can send up to TWO teams for IOL 2016. A non-accredited country or territory can also participate in the contest provided they have NOT participated in more than ONE of the previous IOLs. Such countries can also send up to TWO teams, but both the teams pay the registration fee equivalent to that of the base fee for the second team (early-bird discount is applicable).
For more details, please go through http://www.ioling.org/rules

1.2. What is considered as a team?
A team consists of up to 4 contestants and one team-leader. The contestants must be students of a school for secondary education or have graduated from one in the academic year 2015-2016. A team MUST have a team leader and at least one contestant. We also recommend that NO individual should be the leader of more than one team.

1.3. Do I pay the same registration fee even if my team has fewer than 5 participants?
Yes, even if there is only one team leader and one contestant, you pay the full registration fee as applicable, for the team.

1.4. Who are Observers? How many observers can a country send?
Irrespective of whether they are sending a team, any country or territory recognized by the board can send up to TWO observers. Observers can take part in all the official IOL events, including the opening and closing ceremonies, excursion and team leader’s meeting.

1.5. We have already registered one team. Can we now include a second team?
Yes, you can add another team for your country only till 31st May 2016. If you are sure that one team will definitely come from your country but not sure of the second team, we would suggest you to register only one team for now and avail the early-bird discount. You can register the second team only if and when you are sure of its participation.

1.6. Can we de-register a team that I had already registered?
Yes, you can de-register a team. Just write to us. However, we will NOT be able to refund the money if you have already made the payment.

1.7. Can we add observers to our team later?
Technically, observers are not part of the team, and any country can add up to TWO observers till 31st May 2016 (because after this date getting visa will be tight). But beware that you will incur some transfer charges for every different transfer you make. It is advisable to register for all the teams and observers from your country in one go.

1.8. Can’t you accept the payment through credit card or some other means?
Unfortunately, No. We spoke to a few credit-card payment gateway setup agencies. They will charge close to EUR 2000 for setting up the gateway, plus a 1.5-2.5% surcharge on every transaction. We believe this is too high a cost for a rather insignificant benefit.

1.9. Can’t we pay in cash onsite?
Sorry, no. We will have no cash counters and cashiers onsite. The registration process and fee payment must be completed online and through bank transfer by 17th June 2016.

1.10. Can’t we pay for the post-IOL excursions along with the registration fee payment?
No, again! The post-IOL excursions are organized by a travel agent and is not technically a part of the IOL budget or program. You can think of it as a special organized tour through a travel agent that we planned and negotiated for you, but all the business happen between you and the travel agent. The travel agent will share their bank account where the money should be transferred.

2. Miscellaneous Topics

2.1. What do I need to do to prepare?
No prior knowledge is necessary to compete at the IOL: every problem is self-contained. The best preparation possible is to attempt as many past problems as you can. Start with the samples if you're new to IOL problems and when you're ready take a stab at our past problems.

2.2. What if my country doesn’t participate?
If you are a national organization interesting in sending a team next year: contact us. If you are a student interested in competing: We might know teachers in your country who are willing to help you assemble a team. You can also write to us if you have any questions or comments regarding the IOL.

2.3. I have a question which I didn’t find here. What shall I do?
First, check our website: http://iol14.plo-in.org . If you still can’t find the answer send us an email at iol16@plo-in.org. We will try to respond at the earliest..