Events and Activities

25th July

Volunteer Anna flashes the camera her best smile, having come over all the way from Bulgaria

Jute bags being handed out at registration - jute fibre, native to India, is used to make bags, ropes and even clothes!

Intense discussion between two members of the Indian team - I wonder which of India's 22 (scheduled) languages they are speaking in :)

The brightly attired British team members share their first thoughts on India

'Why so serious?' A light moment during the tedious registration

'Dea- éirí leat Ireland!' The team from the Emerald Isle proudly displays their national flag

'Hungary for some medals' Team Hungary poses in their IOL kurtas

'Can you spot the elephant?' Quirky IOL logo recreated in floral rangoli, a traditional Indian art form, flanked by diyas (oil lamps)

A Bulgarian team member is greeted with the quintessentially Indian tikka, a paste containing turmeric

Participants applauds at the opening ceremony of IOL 2016

Organizer Dr Kalika Bali captured in a candid moment

Chief guest Dr Anvita Abbi all set to lecture on the languages of India

Members of the jury are felicitated with shawls in the customary Indian style

Children dressed in typical clothing from different Indian states represent some of the countries participating in the IOL

The Polish display their pride during the inauguration ceremony

Children carry flags of all the countries participating in the IOL, dressed in traditional clothing from the different states of India

Jury member Ivan explains the rules of the contest through a series of amusing slides